Sally Lindsay has called for more female writers in order to tackle ageism in the TV industry.

The former Coronation Street star believes that actresses over 50 still struggle to find work.

Lindsay said that men do not face the same sudden lack of roles or the limited expectation to be seen as either a parent or grandparent.

She believes more female writers are needed in the entertainment industry to create more roles for women.

Lindsay said: “Fortunately for me that hasn’t happened, but I’m not saying it doesn’t, because it bloody does.

“I think what it is is when you get to 50, you’re too old to play mums, but you’re too young to play grandmas, and for some reason society is OK with men not being either of them.

“We just need more female writers and more female script editors, which is happening, because then they can tell the story of that age, which is really interesting because so much happens in that age and there’s so many stories to tell.”

Lindsay is starring in upcoming ITV crime Channel 5 drama Cold Call, playing a woman who has become victim of fraud.

In the drama she is failed by the authorities and believes that authority has failed in real life.

She said: “We’ve got a government which is fighting within itself, we’ve got an opposition which is fighting within itself, I think we’re all sort of flying solo, really.

“We’re all just clinging onto our families and going, ‘Well, we’ll just look after ourselves’ and it’s a horrible way to be for society, but nobody knows what’s going on.”

Cold Call launches on Channel on Monday, November 18.