HE'S toured with Bob Dylan and Bono, but it's still possible for celebrity admirers to shock Mike Peters.

The Dyserth frontman of The Alarm was among the crowd for US titans The Killers' pre-Glastonbury show at Cardiff Castle on Friday, June 28 when frontman Brandon Flowers launched into a rendition of the veteran of four decades' 1987 hit Rain in Summertime.

The moving homage from the Las Vegas rockers came amid a busy few days for Mike, who was in Cardiff to launch latest album ΣSigma ahead of the band's in the city the following day, and a visit to the Llwynywermod Welsh residence of Prince Charles and Camila, Duchess of Cornwall on Tuesday.

Mike is blindsided by the Mr Brightside scribes The Killers with their cover of Rain in Summertime

Speaking to The Journal on his way to a record signing in Birmingham, Mike said: "It was a massive surprise - I didn't know it was coming, the band didn't introduce it and it wasn't until I heard the first few bars and everyone started pointing at me that I realised."

"At first I didn't know how to respond, but then everyone started singing - including me -and it was just something else.

"I though I'd experienced everything, especially given that I've been on stage performing the song countless times, but to be in the crowd was surreal. I feel like it was more of an honour to have it played to me in the crowd than it would have been if I'd joined them on stage."

While this isn't the first time Mike has been in this position - he's heard a renditions of Rain in Summertime recorded by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan in a backstage meet up as well as Bono covering Blaze of Glory at a show at Madison Square Gardens in New York - this is the most special tribute act he's taken in.

Mike said: "This has only happened once before with U2 in New York, but to be honest we had the kids Dylan and Evan with us and I completely missed it. This time I got to fully experience and it was like an outer body experience."

Despite heading to Glastonbury the following day for a headline set which has earned rave reviews from the national media, the band stuck around to meet Mike and wife Jules rather than jumping straight into the tour bus or heading to their hotel to discuss their love of The Alarm, as well as Flowers bringing his copy of ΣSigma for Mike to sign.

Mike added: "We headed backstage to meet the guys and Brandon welcomed us with big hugs, then drummer Ronnie Vannucci bounded over - it was such a thrill.. They were so gracious and humble.

"What surprised me is that they are scholars of the modern era of the Alarm, they were telling me how they used to listen to a radio station in Salt Lake City and that's where they discovered thing like Poppyfields.

"I was so intrigued, when Brandon was born it would have been about the same time as our first single Declare Yourself an Unsafe Building."

The Alarm return the favour with a cover of The Killers' classic All These Things That I Have Done at their Cardiff gig

Leaving their first meeting with promises to meet up again, and perhaps share the stage at some time in the future - The Alarm will play Salt Lake City in August - Mike and co returned the favour the following night at their own show, covering The Killer's anthemic 2004 single All These Things That I've Done for a crowd that included another fellow music friend, James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers.

Mike said: "The summer gathering was euphoric, in part because of all the social media attention from the night before.

"For all the Alarm fans, myself included, to have a moment like that puts a spring in our step and everyone was very proud to be part of The Alarm family."