OMID Djalili clearly enjoys touring.

Following a massive 110 date tour of his show Schmuck for a Night show earlier in the year, the award winning comedian and actor has just announced a brand-new batch of dates for this autumn, and The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury is on his list.

But why will he be a Schmuck for a Night?

Omid said: "I like the word ‘schmuck’. It means ‘fool’ or buffoon. You have to be a schmuck to do comedy in today’s climate. I’m embracing the schmuck in me to take on the big issues of our day. Plus, it’s a word that ends with ‘uck’ which can only be a good thing."

Find out how good a thing that is on November 14 at The Roses.

Tickets and further details on, 01684 295074.