DESPITE the recent death of punk guru Malcolm McLaren, Gloucester-based band Radio Clash will prove his legacy lives on with a gig at The Railway Hotel, Evesham, on Saturday.

The four former punks are set to perform their tribute to punk legends The Clash.

Radio Clash’s front man Paul Thomas believes that their music deserves to be heard live and loud. He said: “The sound and lyrics of The Clash are just as relevant today as they were back then, and the energy of the music is timeless.

“It was Malcolm who brought the ideas back from the States, created the Sex Pistols and creating the environment where groups like The Clash could flourish.

“I guess you could call us the children of Malcolm McLaren.”

The gig gets underway from 9pm, and tickets cost £7 in advance, £8 on the night, from the High Street venue.