DOES Simon Goodhall really croon like Cliff, and do the Bourne Again Shadows really twang like Hank?

Sir Cliff himself is in do doubt, saying, "Simon is without doubt the best ‘Cliff Soundalike’ in the business,” and - after all - he should know.

A spokesman said: "Few other artists in British pop music history can match popularity of Cliff Richard and The Shadows, whose chart successes span six decades.

"Celebrate their enduring appeal with Simon Goodall and the Bourne Again Shadows – the most authentic Cliff and the Shadows tribute act in the UK. Simon’s ability to catch the characteristics of Cliff’s voice is second to none, according to Sir Cliff himself, while The Bourne Again Shadows sound is hard to distinguish from original Shadows’ recordings."

The spokesman added: "They will be performing classic Cliff numbers like Summer Holiday, Living Doll, Apache and Wonderful Land."

The musical stroll down Memory Lane will take place at Pershore's Number 8 venue on Saturday, May 20, from 7.30pm.

Tickets and further details on, 01386 555488.