COULD this year be the exciting break-through moment for Verity White, an emerging artist from Cheltenham?

It’s certainly looking that way.

A spokesman said: “Showcasing a unique and emotional twist on female fronted rock, she takes influences from the 90s scene, twists it up with synths, strings and intricate vocal lines to create brutal yet beautiful alternative, rock music.

“Energetic and engaging her band puts on a compelling live show; loved by fans of female fronted rock stalwarts like Dream Wife, Halestorm, Skunk Anasie, Garbage, The Pretty Reckless and She Makes War.

“Verity is well recognised in the indie music scene in the U.K. and uses her strong social media presence to actively support mental health awareness, the arts and female empowerment.

Fireworks magazine recently commented on Verity’s work when they reviewed her first album, saying: “Breaking Out fits very well alongside the canon of female artists who found success in the 90s which includes such names as Garbage and PJ Harvey....”