IT’S half a century ago since the members of the world’s greatest rock band first got together in a small room in London’s Gerrard Street.

Their first album was recorded in just nine days and released in January the following year.

To mark this anniversary , the international sensation Hats Off to Led Zeppelin are embarking on their biggest tour yet.

And the good news is, they have a date at The Valkyrie in Evesham on Saturday November 3.

As a tribute band, it’s fair to say they are clocking up a whole lotta love.

A spokesman said: “If you want silly wigs and naff impersonations then there are plenty of other ‘tributes’ out there; but if you want to experience the power and the passion of a Led Zeppelin concert, played by one of the most exciting Rock’n’Roll bands on the circuit today, then pick up the phone now and book your ticket to see Hats Off to Led Zeppelin.

“Hats Off to Led Zeppelin are in their ninth year on the road and with concerts from London to Singapore and glowing endorsements from Led Zeppelin’s tour manager Richard Cole wh said: ‘Worth seeing ... entertainment with style’. “Led Zep biographer Dave Lewis praised the tribute band’s ‘refreshing no nonsense approach’, and he added, ‘this band delivers every time’.”

The spokesman added: “In 2017 as well as winning best Led Zeppelin tribute for the third year running at the National Tribute Awards they were awarded the top prize from the Agents Association of Great Britain to become the best Tribute band in the UK overall.

“They are the only UK tribute act officially endorsed by Marshall amplifiers and they are managed by Warren Grant: for the uninitiated, his father Peter was Led Zeppelin’s manager! The connection to the original band is unsurpassed.”

The spokesman said: “Having played with Queen, Ray Davies, Edwin Starr, Iron Maiden, Gerry & the Pacemakers, PJ Proby, Shaun Ryder & the Seahorses as well as appearing in some of the West End’s most enduring show including We Will Rock You, Tommy, American Idiot, Jersey Boys, Dancing in the Streets & Buddy, these guys are a truly professional outfit guaranteed to give you a night that you won’t forget in a hurry.

“There are other tribute bands; but there is only one Hats Off to Led Zeppelin.”

Visit for full tour details and for tickets call the venue on 01386 48680.