BLUES Guitarist and former MMA fighter Kris Barras will be hitting the road this March in support of his upcoming new album The Divine And Dirty.

And the good news is, he’s heading to the Iron Road in Evesham.

A spokesman said: “Kris isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. As a former Mixed Martial Artist, the singer and guitarist has fought in front of 8000 people, lived it up in Las Vegas, dealt with bankruptcy, suffered a deep and personal loss, unleashed southern-fried blues fury on stages across Europe and been voted one of the best 13 Blues Guitarists in the world .

Before that, however, there was the cage..

He retired from the cage in 2014, feeling like he had achieved everything that he was going to achieve.

It had consumed his life for so long, making so many sacrifices that he felt that it was time to move on and concentrate on the coaching side of things, and to start enjoying the music again. Today, he also co-owns two gyms in the West Country of England, and still trains and teaches fighters.

Kris said: ““People used to think I was crazy to be fighting in cages, risking damage to my hands.

“The truth is though, I always enjoyed it and found that the fighting world offered me more opportunities than the music industry. I got to fight in front of 8000 people in Asia; but I would’ve much rather have played to them instead of getting punched in the face.”

The date for the diary is March 29.

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