A gastropub close to Chadlington is unfazed by the news that Jeremy Clarkson wants to convert his lambing shed at Diddly Squat into a 60-seat restaurant.

According to residents, the television presenter, 61, confirmed at a meeting with them at the Memorial Hall he hoped half the lambing shed would become a kitchen and half would be a restaurant area.

He added it would be “cheaper” than nearby restaurants, meaning people would pay around £60 for a meal for two.

But a local hostelry has no fear that he will undercut them.

The nearby Chequers at Churchill is a popular local pub as well as a successful restaurant.

General manager Vincent Lecointe said: “We are lucky to trade in a beautiful part of the world. This area is already a bit of a food hub, with quite a few very good pubs and restaurants.

“If Jeremy wants to set up a nice place to eat, it will attract even more people, it is very good news for everyone.”

Mr Clarkson indicated that the restaurant will serve steak that will be locally sourced.

He said: "If Boris [Johnson, the Prime Minister] wants carbon neutrality by 2050, my cows don’t move more than five miles before they end up on the plate. But I need a restaurant to do that.

“Eating meat, if it’s grass-fed British meat, is a very eco thing to do. My cows are wandering around eating pasture grass and having a very happy life. I know everyone wants cheap food. Farmers can produce it if the Government back off and we don’t have to jump through so many hoops.

“They tell us we’ve got to obey these strict rules, but Australian farmers don’t have to abide by British rules. The deck of cards is stacked against British farmers.”

Mr Clarkson called the hour-long meeting after there was “gossip” in the village over the Diddly Squat farm shop’s future.

Jonathan Moore, 53, a doctor who lives nearby, was inside.

He told the PA news agency: “It’s all subject to planning, so he can’t promise anything yet, but he’s hoping to change the lambing shed into a restaurant. We thought it would be for 150 (people) but it’s actually 60 seats, and he’s trying to control the number of people coming to the farm shop in the future.

“It’s very expensive to sell his produce so he wants to try and sell as much through the farm shop and the restaurant as he can.”

The presenter’s business boomed following the success of his Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm which won plaudits for its beautiful cinematography coupled with lovable staff members such as Kaleb Cooper who were not afraid to tell Clarkson when he was being useless.