A CYBER security boss from Worcestershire has warned businesses to be extra vigilant while working online during the coronavirus crisis.

Lisa Ventura, CEO of the UK Cyber Security Association, has warned businesses and staff to be careful as scam emails come in thick and fast.

She said: "Some scams will aim to redirect you to fake websites, so you should check any links you see in emails before clicking.

"These fake sites can’t use the domain names of the real websites they’re imitating, so the link will be different – it can sometimes be obvious, but in some cases it’s very subtle with only a few rogue characters."

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Mrs Ventura was speaking in a leaders' insights interview with IsoNation, a new initiative aimed at bringing the business community together during the strange times we find ourselves in.

During the interview she warned about how, now many of us now working from home and spending more time online, fraudsters have attempted to capitalise on the coronavirus situation with a variety of cyber scams.

Fraudulent websites and emails have been circulating purportedly offering things like PPE and coronavirus testing, as well as fake emails mimicking the likes of the NHS and World Health Organisation.

She added: "I recently had a fake TV Licencing email come through which, even to someone like me, looked very convincing – it was only from hovering over the link and seeing a string of odd characters that I was able to tell it was fake."

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IsoNation features regular interviews from business leaders across the UK and covering a variety of industries through its Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube platforms.

It also provides tips for keeping yourself motivated as well as physically and mentally healthy during lockdown.

Mrs Ventura urged people to not get complacent when it comes to staying safe online, with cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated.

‘You can find out more about how to protect yourself both individually and as a business in Ventura’s full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOpwfTLhjuI&t=24s