WHILE a vast majority of businesses have moved to a more digital solution, there are still some challenges for businesses both small and large when approaching a fully paperless solution.

There are key advantages for going fully digital. To cover a few, you have:

  1. Better management of all of your business data
  2. Seamless communication with clients
  3. Less paper, less waste

The primary goal is to make your information more accessible and easier to manage. The Making Tax Digital movement prompted countless businesses assess their existing paper-based systems and identify excellent and creative ways to tackle their current processes, and move not only tax data, but all of their information to be digital.

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If you have been considering moving your business information from a paper-based system to be fully digital, now is a brilliant time to make the change. There are plenty of approaches to make the transition easier than you anticipate.

  1. Identify a cloud storage solution (if appropriate) – Office 365, Dropbox for Business
  2. Create an ideal file structure – e.g. HR, finance, IT, management, sales, marketing, business admin
  3. Create an action plan – what data do we have? How could we move this across? Where would we store it? Look at your business from a top down perspective

Answering the questions above will give you more confidence understanding what data you currently hold, and how to manage the transition to digital storage.

There is also a business culture aspect to your transition, and it can be difficult to immediately adopt a different way of working in favour of an already working system.

The need to adopt your digital transformation is growing, and it brings you one step ahead of the competition.