Commercial property sounds just like offices and factories, but my specialism is health and social care. At the moment, supported living is an active market; it’s fascinating because there’s such a range of care providers.

Most people think of residential care as support for the elderly, but I have worked with various types of care provider, such as those who provide temporary accommodation to families where the adults are struggling to be good parents – they are given somewhere safe to live with their children while they get help. Working out how that will work best for my client is a challenge which I really enjoy.

Within healthcare, I also deal with care homes, GPs and, at the moment, a lot of vets – there is a move away from single practices towards companies operating across many practices nationally.

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I think it is partly because young professionals now don’t want to devote their life to a practice as the generation above did – they want a work/life balance and they don’t want to be tied to one place.

Even care homes are changing a good deal; they provide all kinds of care now, from adults with special needs, to people who have suffered acute brain injuries and even bariatric nursing, where patients are suffering from the effects of obesity. These changes mean that I am on a learning curve all the time.

I really enjoy the ‘ground-up’ developments where we start from a site and then follow the development through to completion, planning ahead for each stage so that clients know what to expect and know that it’s all in hand.