On behalf of Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, I would like to congratulate Boris Johnson on his successful election as the new leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister will now lead the country through a difficult period, which includes finalising the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

I hope that he will guide the UK based on the key priorities and concerned that have been outlined by businesses in reports like the Quarterly Economic Survey and Business Manifestos.

Businesses continue to call for practical actions to real-world issues that hold companies and communities back. Such concerns include the national skills shortage, transport infrastructure and of course, the next steps in Brexit preparations.

We have all seen the headlines in the last week of the threat of a no deal Brexit pushing the UK’s financial system into another recession – a decade after recovering from the UK’s last major economic hit.

It is crucial that Mr Johnson works with parliament to avoid a messy and disorderly Brexit. Such an outcome is likely to trigger a significant deterioration in economic conditions, increasing the financial squeeze on businesses and households.

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The British Chambers of Commerce has sent Mr Johnson a letter detailing how the Chamber Network hopes to work alongside him and his party at this crucial moment for the UK, ensuring that the needs of British businesses are met.

I urge Boris Johnson to tackle the difficult period ahead of him head on, and hope that he acts with the best interests for the country to instil confidence and trust in communities after a turbulent 12 months. With so little time left before the UK is due to exit the European Union, the next 100 days will be critical for shaping the trajectory of the economy.

The latest business concerns in the two counties will be announced in a report shortly following the Quarterly Economic Survey for quarter 2 earlier this year. To request your copy now, please contact policy@hwchamber.co.uk.