As businesses develop, they need to be able to grow and expand into new premises; I make sure that they have all the information they need on the property they have chosen.

So I provide the detail and they make the investment decision.

Commercial property can come with its own pitfalls – something as simple as a drain could hinder future development, but a more complex issue, like a restrictive covenant which limits how a building can be used, could cause a problem too.

I have come across this issue in connection with a company wanting to use a building as a care home, because I am part of the healthcare team here; it is a specialist area, with its own complexities, but in healthcare as in the rest of my role, I think it is important to be a dealmaker rather than a deal-breaker.

Given my expertise in Sharia law, we are also one of a small number of firms on the panel of Al Rayan Bank Plc, the leading Islamic bank in the UK. Being able to offer expertise in both UK law and Sharia law means that clients know we have a real understanding of the complex legal issues involved.

Above all, finding solutions and reducing risks for clients are central to my work – I always aim for a commercial and a practical approach. I very much enjoy getting to know my clients and their businesses as transactions progress and helping them through what can be quite a stressful process.

Whether people are taking their first step into the commercial property market, diversifying or expanding, every transaction has its own challenges and its own excitement.

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