When a relationship breaks down, it is devastating and life changing for those involved. It happens in all walks of life and affects not only those involved but the wider family as well.

I have been a family solicitor now for over 25 years and I am also a family law mediator. Over that time I have dealt with all levels of family dispute, financial, children and domestic abuse situations.

It is an incredibly emotional time for the people involved and can be a frightening one for those where domestic abuse is involved. People can be angry, they can be frightened of the future and how they will cope emotionally and financially, but they still have to get on with their jobs, caring for the children and their daily routine. They can feel like they are in a fog with no way out. They rely on my experience to help them through the maze.

The first meeting is crucial. It builds an important relationship, and listening and understanding my client is key to that relationship. They do not want to hear about a process, they want their questions answered. Throughout the whole process they want support and guidance.

Family law is not a nine to five role and it is important that clients know that I’m available (within reason!) when needed. It is not always about litigating through the courts, it is about listening and finding a strategy that meets the client’s expectations and is fair.

My clients need to know they are listened to, supported and can rely on my years of experience in law throughout the process. Every case is different, and every client matters to me.