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FIND AUDREY WOW - Have you ever wanted to contact someone from your past again? In late summer 1964 (as teenagers) we met - when she was on holiday in Weymouth (my home town, Audrey's was Stow-on-the-Wold). - I found her an amazing person - so much so that four months later I hitchhiked up to Stow to see her - but by then she had a boyfriend - so that was that. I've often wondered what happened to her, hence this attempt to find out. Although a chance in a million - especially as I don't remember her surname or Stow address, I rely on the fickle finger of fate - will I find her? - will she remember me? or want to! (if it helps - she worked in a local shop, and had a sister about 15 years her junior). Now if anyone can put me in touch again - or have any news - that would be great !!! (Fingers crossed!) Phone me (Rod) on 01305 563 805 or email rod@spaceship - thanks.


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