DRENNAN Manor Farm Leisure’s annual five-day spring festival attracted 53 anglers from all over the United Kingdom.

Frank Donachie and Chris Cameron tied for first place on 11 points.

Both anglers fished predominantly pole and pellet most days.

On the final day, Chris Cameron went into the match with a three-point advantage.

Donachie fished a blinder on the Ash pool to catch him up and share the spoils.

Nick Dean and John Hudson fished a variety of methods all week with the favourite being pole and pellet to come a close joint third.

Final placings: 1 Frank Donachie (Colmic) & Chris Cameron (Middy/Old Ghost) 11 points, 3 Nick Dean (Oxford) & John Hudson (Colmic/Marukyu) 13, 5 Neil Richards (Moaning Sods) 15, 6 Steve Partington (Marukyu) 16, 7 Liam Dennick (Colmic), Andy Bruton (Sensas/ Smythies) & Darren Hudson (Marukyu) 19.

Monday: 1 Andy Bruton 112lb 4oz 0dr, Sensas Smythies Peg 22 Windmill; 2 Mick Bull 103-8-0, Frenzee Peg 4 Island; 3 Chris Cameron 103-0-0, Middy/ Old Ghost Peg 27 Island; 4 John Hudson 97-8-0, Colmic/Marukyu Peg 18 Island; 5 Steve Rich 96-10-0, Moaning Sods Peg 29 Middle; 6 Neil Richards 85-10-0, DGL Peg 24 Windmill. 53 fished.

Commons, mirrors, F1s and skimmers caught on pole and pellet.

Tuesday: 1 John Hudson 98-6-0, Colmic/Marukyu Peg 6 Island; 2 Darren Hudson 97-0- 0, Marukyu Peg 29 Middle; 3 Steve Ford 88-12-0, Daiwa/Old Ghost Peg 26 Windmill; 4 Terry Winstone 83-14-0, Bonehill Mill Peg 18 Island; 5 Steve Rich 82-0-0, Moaning Sods Peg 3 Island; 6 Nick Dean 80-4-0, Oxford Peg 39 Boundary. 53 fished.

Commons, mirrors, F1s and skimmers caught on pole and pellet and groundbait feeder.

Wednesday: 1 Chris Cameron 156-6-0, Middy/Old Ghost Peg 13 Windmill; 2 Mick Bull 121-0-0 Frenzee Peg 7 Ash; 3 Fran Reynolds 97-6-0, Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 6 Island; 4 Jason Law 96-12-0, Tricast Peg 12 Middle; 5 Frank Donachie 85-0-0, Colmic Peg 29 Middle; 6 Colin Mullholland 77-4-0, Tacklesaver Peg 26 Windmill.

53 fished. Commons, mirrors, F1s and skimmers caught on pole and pellet and groundbait feeder.

Thursday: 1 Andy Bruton 158-14-0, Sensas Smythies Peg 4 Middle; 2 Chris Cameron 110-12-0, Middy/Old Ghost Peg 27 Island; 3 Nick Dean 103-8-0, Oxford Peg 4 Island; 4 Steve Ford 100-12-0, Daiwa/ Old Ghost Peg 27 Middle; 5 Bill Dowd 95-8-0, Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 6 Island; 6 Colin Mullholland 91-10-0, Tacklesaver Peg 36 Island.

Friday: 1 John Hudson 109-7- 0, Colmic/Marukyu Peg 23 Middle; 2 Tony Shepherd 104- 0-0, Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 12 Middle; 3 Terry Winstone 101-7-0, Bonehill Mill Peg 25 Middle; 4 Liam Dennick 91-2- 0, Colmic Peg 14 Island; 5 Andy Bruton 87-12-0, Sensas Smythies Peg 19 Middle; 6 Tony Brooks 86-14-0, Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg 9 Ash.

Other matches, Middle pool: 1 Adrian Oakley 87-8-0, Longacre Lakes Peg 12; 2 Steve Atkins 71-2-0, MFL Peg 8; 3 Ian McCulloch 66-12-0, Browns Angling Peg 19; 4 Gary Watts 64-8-0, MFL Peg 27. 11 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet.

Island & Ash pools: 1 Steve Partington 85-4-0, Marukyu Peg 4 Island; 2 Bob McCaulay 77-1-0, Droitwich Peg 12 Island; 3 Adrian Oakley 63-8- 0, Longacre Lakes Peg 16 Island; 4 Steve Hemming 60-12-0, MFL Peg 6 Island; 5 John Barnard 44-8-0, MFL Peg 38 Island. 23 fished.

Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet and straight lead.

A total of 32 members fished for the Centenary Trophy in Evesham Jubilee Angling Society’s 120th birthday celebrations.

Gary Seadon, drawn on J6, won the trophy with 34lb 15oz, Mark Court, on J14, was second with 25lb 14oz which included a carp weighing 11lb 6oz.

Steve Foster, on J33, was third with 25lb 0oz and fourth place went to Phil Seedhouse, on J3, with 23lb 6oz.

Section winners were Richard Walker, J25, 17lb 15oz; James Gardner, J39, 16lb 1oz; Bill Knight, W29, 11lb 1oz; Rob Butcher, J16, 10lb 1oz; and Graham Scott, W7, 9lb 2oz.

Members travelled to Droitwich Canal where they recorded good weights.

Dave Bowditch continued his good form with another win. He weighed in with 6lb 1oz.

Mark Birbeck was second with 4lb 7oz and just ahead of Alan Gardner who finished third with 4lb 2oz.

Section winners were Glyn Blewitt 4lb 0oz; Doug Smith 3lb 14oz; and Billy Pitman 2lb 11oz.

The society’s annual presentation evening takes place tomorrow at Hampton Workingman’s Club (8pm).