DRAKES Broughton and Parishes Short Mat Bowls Club helped a 96-year-old member celebrate her birthday.

Monica Vale still plays in the village hall each week, making the journey from her home in Worcester with a friend.

She was joined in celebrations at the club by 101-year-old Muriel Lewis who was mayoress of Worcester in 1966-67.

Club treasurer Martin Burford said: "We would be interested to hear if there are any older, active short-mat bowlers locally or indeed anywhere.

"Monica thoroughly enjoys her bowling and the delight on her face when she plays a good shot is a pleasure for everyone, equally when she gives the bowl a good telling-off when it doesn’t go where it was supposed to! 

"Monica worked in a Worcester branch of Lloyds Bank for 35 years prior to her retirement and joined our club in 2004.

"Short mat bowls provides an important social and recreational facility for all age groups."