INFORMATION about the number of people seeking social housing in the Cotswolds - and the areas where they are asking to live - is now available at a glance.

Cotswolds District Council is now publishing data on its website showing current demand for social housing in each parish according to need and also whether those locations are first, second or third preferences for applicants.

The figures show a total of 1,339 households on the list for housing, with 60 of those categorised as "emergency".

Cirencester is the most popular choice for accommodation, with 622 households seeking housing there as either their first, second or third preference.

The figures show 216 households have expressed a desire for housing in Moreton, 189 for accommodation in Bourton and 134 in Stow.

Councillor Lynden Stowe, leader of Cotswold District Council, said: "At this council we strive to be as open and transparent as possible, and I am sure that the publication of this new data will be welcomed by the public as it provides clarity about the numbers of local people looking for social housing.

“One of the council’s key aims is to provide local homes for local people, and we are having considerable success.

"We continue to work with housing providers across the district to ensure that a sensible number of new homes are built for local people and our record is very good in comparison with many other councils.”

Cllr Sue Jepson, cabinet member for planning and housing, added: “This is a real step forward for residents because they will be able to see the demand for social housing across the district.

“We announced recently that our housing waiting list is at a 10 year low and we continue to look for ways to encourage locals to stay in the district."