THE daughter of a popular Pershore man who died in June has hit out at the poor service she says she received at Barclays Bank in the town when she tried to close down his account.

Derry Granville-Jolly was 88 when he passed away earlier this year.

His daughter, Diana Granville-Harper, had been dealing with her dad's affairs when she decided to go into his local Barclay's branch in Bridge Street, Pershore, to shut down his account.

But she was left feeling quite upset after being treated badly by the cashier working that day.

"My dad died in June so on July 16 I went to inform them of his death," said Mrs Granville-Harper, of Upper Rissington. "As I arrived two cashiers were chatting to a customer. When they acknowledged me they said they couldn't deal with it without his account number and she laughed at me when I said could they identify him from his name.

"I said to them I will go to Stow and deal with it because I was quite upset by this time, she just said, 'well suit yourself'.

"Then I spoke to someone on the phone and they asked to speak to my dad.

"I am very sad. My dad was a lovely. I was so shocked when I came out the branch, I was amazed at how rude somebody could be. I don't want somebody else to have to go through that."

The next day Mrs Granville-Harper wrote an official letter of complaint to the bank but was still dissatisfied with the response.

"Afterwards I went to Barclays in Stow and they were quite helpful, absolutely lovely," added Mrs Granville-Harper.

Barclays said they wrote back to Mrs Granville-Harper to reassure her they had received her complaint and were in the process of contacting her again.

Adrian Davies, community leader for Worcestershire, said: "We apologise sincerely to Mrs Granville-Harper if we failed to provide the highest levels of service on this occasion, at a clearly distressing time.

"We thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can ensure that the highest standards of service can be maintained at all times and have offered a gesture of goodwill to compensate any inconvenience caused."