CHILDREN at Bourton Primary School have been warned about 'stranger danger' after an incident in the village.

A Year 11 pupil from the Cotswold School was left "frightened and intimidated" and concerned about possibly being filmed after they were followed by a man last Thursday morning just outside the school by the turning circle.

Described as being between aged 30 and 40, with a stocky build, dark hair, staring eyes and thick eyebrows, the man persistently jangled keys to attract attention from behind and had a phone in his hand and appeared to be filming or taking photos.

The man walked or ran behind the pupil and even ran up in front holding up the phone to the pupil's face and followed them towards the Co-op and the school.

He continued to follow them even when they met up with friends and although no words were spoken, the pupil was left distressed.

In a school newsletter to parents, headteacher of Bourton Primary School John Jones said: "During the day we spoke to children to raise awareness of Stranger Danger. If parents have any information that could be related to this incident, please contact the police.

"If you have any concerns about child protection in school, please speak to me or our Deputy Child Protection Officer, Liz Hamilton."

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: "Police were notified on June 26 about a man seen apparently acting suspiciously on The Avenue, Bourton on The Water.

"The man was spoken to by police who were satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances."