THE supermarket debate is set to be reignited in Shipston as a public inquiry that started last October resumes.

Ainscough Strategic Land (ASL) is fighting the refusal of plans to build a supermarket, petrol station, Extra Care’ Retirement Home comprising up to 80 cottages and 50 apartments and up to 54 houses on land north of Campden Road.

Stratford District Council threw out the plans on January 28 last year and is defending the appeal on impact of retail store on the viability and vitality of Shipston Town Centre and the impact on the landscape.

The inquiry, which was adjourned last year following the need for a screening direction from the Secretary of State resumes on Tuesday, July 8 at Ettington Community Centre, Rogers Lane, Ettington.

It is expected to last eight days and members of the public may attend and express their view at the discretion of the inspector.