A COTSWOLD weight-loss expert is calling for people to think about how drinking affects their eating and activity habits, following a new report from Slimming World.

The report found that drinking past a personal ‘tipping point’ leads the average person in the West Midlands to consume more than 6,500 extra calories.

About half of drinkers quizzed said they have a tipping point and passing this point causes them to drink and eat more than they intended.

Their average tipping point is just 10.2 units of alcohol – equivalent to 3.4 large glasses of wine (250ml) or four pints of beer, joint the highest in the UK with people in the South West, and above the national average tipping point of 9.3 units.

On average, people in the region consume an extra 1,651 calories in alcohol and 2,816 calories in food the same day or night, plus another 2,055 extra calories in food the following day.

And half also cancel physical activity in favour of watching TV, staying in bed or spending time on social media.

Bronwyn Heywood, who runs the Campden Slimming World group, said the report shows more must be done to make people aware of the effect drinking alcohol has on their diet, weight and health.

"Drinks can slip down much more easily and don’t satisfy your appetite so it’s easy to forget that they’re full of calories and, as this research shows, it’s not just the drinks you have but the food you consume after drinking too," she said.

"People are bombarded with information about losing weight and not drinking too much, but they’re usually treated as separate."

Mrs Heywood, who lost nearly three stone since joining Slimming World, said alcohol contributed to her weight gain.

"The findings of this report definitely ring true for me," she added. "You don’t have to drink a lot to put on weight – just a few drinks with friends or the odd glass of wine in front of the TV all add up, especially when you think about the post-drinking eating you do too."

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