EXCITING cultures from around the world descended on Dormer House School in Moreton during International Week.

Children enjoyed studying the cultures of different countries including Denmark, China, Egypt, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Greece at the end of term.

Parents visited classes to give talks and answer questions about countries and the children made and sampled dishes not tried before.

Story teller Peter Chand also visited classes from the Nursery up to Year 6 and captured imaginations and to finish off the week, the whole school took part in an international dance workshop which was showcased to parents at the Fire Service College, in Moreton.

Headteacher Claire May said she was delighted with the week.

"It has been a great learning experience for the children to appreciate different cultures and has been so much fun for them," she said.

The next Dormer House Open Doors event will be held on Friday, May 16.