PLANS for 140 homes in Moreton were given a frosty reception when they were discussed by the town council.

Up to 30 residents turned out for the extraordinary planning meeting in the Redesdale Hall on Monday evening to discuss the outline plans for the development across two sites on land off Todenham Road and Dulverton Place.

But the proposals put forward by CALA Homes, which include a new public park linked to the existing Blenheim Park, were strongly opposed by the town council and residents that turned up.

After a public vote, where 23 locals objected with four abstentions, all the town councillors agreed to oppose the plans which are being considered by Cotswold District Council (CDC).

During the debate, concerns were raised about the amount of houses being proposed for the town.

A resident said: "There seems to be an awful lot of planning applications at the moment. Moreton is being bombarded from all angles."

Colin Hancox, former town council chairman, said he was worried about the link road and the potential for more housing in the future.

"It's not going to stop at 140 houses is it?" he said. "In a couple of years time there's going to be another 140."

Another resident said: "People are going to go down to Great Wolford and miss out the town entirely. It's a single track road that's going to be a rat run which obviously is going to worry residents."

Another resident said he was concerned about the infrastructure.

"The railway bridge, it's slowly collapsing," he said. "The local school is full and also the library has been downgraded.This doesn't bode well building all these new houses."

Councillor Robert Dutton, ward member for Moreton at CDC, said: "We all have to be concerned about the sheer number of houses being proposed. I remain very concerned about the A429 railway bridge, that just has to be sorted out."

Town Council chairman Ali Coggins said councillors had discussed in private session a number of issue including the development being on greenfield site which is renowned for flooding.

"The increase in traffic and commuting will significantly impact on the community and put enormous pressure of the Todenham Road and A429 and the railway bridge," she said.

Reuban Bellamy, of CALA Homes, said: "This is an outline application, it's an indicative scheme. If you've got particular concerns the town council has got my contact details. We can look at exactly where you live and the part that's causing you a problem."

Plans by the same developer for 300 homes in Todenham Road were thrown out by a planning inspector in April 2011.