A SCHOOL in the Cotswolds was taken over by an ambush of 'tigers' as a popular children's classic was brought to life.

Class 1 swapped their uniforms for black and orange fur, whiskers and tailsto retell the story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea, by Judith Kerr.

Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher Stacey White and Teaching Assistant Sharon Miles donned their best Tiger face paint and outfits just before half term as part of the children's literacy studies.

The children also rose to the challenge and wore their best tiger-like onesies, stripey black and yellow t-shirts and tiger growls to set the scene.

During the afternoon parents and carers in Class 1 were also invited to enjoy some specially-made tiger cakes and were entertained with songs sung by the children.

Heateacher Linda Jeffcut said the day was part of the children's literacy work.

"They wrote invitations to their parents and carers, sent them out and asked for replies back," she said. "It was great. They loved it they looked amazing, we had lots of tiger tails.

"It just feeds the imagination as well which is important for all of us."