BIRDS at a popular Cotswold attraction will be behaving badly over February half term.

From blood-sucking songbirds and puking penguins to stinking storks and spitting swallows, keepers will reveal revolting facts about some of the world’s baddest birds at Birdland from Saturday to Sunday , February 23.

Visitors can look forward to toxic talks and terrible trails highlighting the horrible aspects of natural history and along with special meet the creatures sessions.

“Despite their often angelic reputations, birds are definitely among the worst behaved animals on the planet with some truly disgusting table manners," said head bird keeper Alistair Keen.

"The have also devised devilish defences and awfully amazing attacking abilities. The Marabou Stork defecates on itself in order to cool its legs, fulmar chicks aim projectile vomit at the face of any potential threats and oxpecker birds will open old wounds on cattle in Africa in order to drink their blood."

Birdland is open daily from 10am. For details visit