HEAVY rain and wind caused days of disruption over the festive period across the Vale and Cotswolds, causing trees to be felled, closing roads and leading to flooding.

The rivers Severn and Avon broke their banks on Monday, December 23, following a pre- Christmas storm.

Levels continued to rise during Christmas Eve – when more than 30 trees were felled by high winds – and Christmas Day.

There was flooding on A44 Evesham Road, near the Wood Norton, and at Waterside and Greenhill in Evesham.

Bridges in Eckington and Fladbury, as well as Hinton-on-the- Green, were also closed after being flooded on Christmas Eve.

A man in a mobility scooter became stranded on the riverside pathway, near Evesham Rowing Club in Abbey Park, at about 10.45am on Boxing Day and had to be rescued be firefighters.

However, flood warnings for the river Avon at Evesham, Pershore and the surrounding area were removed last Thursday after levels fell to safe levels.

But as the Journal went to press, a flood alert is still in place for the river Avon, which covers Evesham and Bredon.

Weatherman Frank Hill, of Malvern, said the familiar pattern of wind and rain would continue for much of the week and into the next.

“We’re now into a showery spell. I’m afraid we’re in for some more rain,” he said.

“There’s a series of lows which are moving across the Atlantic and develop as they get nearer to us. And there are more lows to come.”

There will be a brief respite today (Thursday) which is forecast to be a mainly dry day with gusts between 25 and 30 mph before rain sets in again over the weekend and into Monday.

Wild weather also caused havoc in the Cotswolds, closing roads and felling trees just as people were preparing to celebrate Christmas.

The A429 Fosse Way was closed due to flooding around Queens Street – between Tredington and the Fosse Way – while Mill Street in Shipston closed due to flooding after the river Stour burst its banks.

Roads were partially blocked in Winchcombe and Bourton-onthe- Water due to fallen trees.

Gloucestershire’s fire service received more than 70 calls on December 23, the majority of which were a direct result of the weather conditions.

A lorry lost its roof after hitting a railway bridge on the B4632 between Mickleton and Weston-sub-Edge at 12.30pm on December 23.

The incident was one of about 350 calls received by Gloucestershire Police since 7am that morning about weather-related problems including flooding, trees down and damage to buildings.