IT IS not every day that a Cotswold beer makes it inside the doors of Number 10.

But when Prime Minister David Cameron held a barbecue in Downing Street last Thursday for 200 thirsty conservative MPs, he specifically requested Hook Norton real ales to be served.

Staff at Hook Norton Brewery, near Chipping Norton, found their selection of real British ales were a firm favourite of the Prime Minister, whose Witney consituency is just up the road.

The beer was delivered by local Hook Norton Brewery drivers, Simon Glidden and Lewis Clarke, who were invited to stay at the barbecue to serve it.

They were even rewarded for their efforts with a behind-the-scenes tour of Number 10 – an experience they said they would never forget.

It was reported that Mr Cameron had ordered all Tory MPs to back legislation paving the way for a referendum on European Union membership by the end of 2017.

And the barbecue in the Number 10 gardens was held to persuade MPs to stay in London – rather than go to constituencies – for the landmark Commons vote.