The spectacular finale of the W Factor talent contest saw proud relatives and friends pack out the Number 8 arts centre in Pershore to see the 26 performers in action.

The judges, including county arts officer Steve Wilson, dance and drama specialist Jenny Northam and singing and music specialist Tracy Norman, said they found it hard to select winners. Mr Wilson said: “The W Factor continues to impress and delight in terms of the quality of the young people on display. It was a great show and all the young people who took part were winners.”

Huitarist Will Bewley, a Pershore High School pupil, won the music category. The singing winner, also from Pershore High School, was Ella Brown.

Shannon Jennings from Blackminster Middle School and Josh Burgess from Bredon Hill Middle School won the dance category. Tom Sedman was the drama winner from Simon de Montfort Middle School.

The winners will be asked to perform at future events such as Party in the Parks.