SHIPSTON High School welcomed three special guests to an awards evening to present more than 120 prizes to both past and present students.

During the awards evening the school celebrated an outstandingly successful year, including its pupils’ achievements in the 2012 examinations.

The three guests of honour, rocket engineer Daniel Jubb and former Shipston school students, twins Hattie and Sophie Taylor, presented many varied awards and special prizes before giving speeches to the audience.

Mr Jubb spoke enthusiastically about the Bloodhound project to break the land speed record, and his passion for British engineering which he described as a “brilliant adventure”.

The vote of thanks was given by head prefects Stephen Neath and Daisy Dingley, who reminded the audience that the Shipston High School badge is featured on the tail fin of the Bloodhound.

Headteacher Jonathan Baker said: “Each of our three guests of honour was inspirational in his or her own ways. They helped to make it a very memorable evening which we always celebrate in a special Shipston way.

Particularly pleasing was to have so many leavers coming back to join us and hearing how well they are all doing since they have moved on to sixth form or to college.”