BROADWAY villagers are still without safe drinking water.

A problem with the water supply to the Cotswold village was discovered by Severn Trent Water ten days ago but has still to be resolved.

Everyone affected by the problem has received a letter of advise and will also be awarded £25 in compensation.

Since they discovered the problem engineers have been working to resolve the problem and are now flushing the water through until they are satisfied it is safe to drink.

A spokesperson said today: “We’ve made good progress through the weekend and have now completed the majority of the flushing needed, we are now working on those pipes at the extremities of the network.

"We are continuing to take regular water sampling tests and will continue to work around the clock to make sure that the quality is back to its usual high standards.

“We will be sending a letter to customers today to keep them updated and we will provide another update tomorrow. Until the boil notice is lifted, customers should continue to bring tap water to the boil before it is used for drinking, any food preparation, teeth cleaning or ice making.

“Water can be used for bathing and showering, but take care when bathing young infants to avoid them swallowing the bathing water.

“In the meantime, more bottled water will continue to be delivered to those customers who require it until water quality returns.”