WHOEVER is responsible for the traffic management system at the junction south of the new bridge – A4184/B4035 – should be made to use it in order to experience its dangers.

Anyone approaching town along the Cheltenham Road and wishing to turn right onto Waterside has to nudge forward and wait in the middle of the junction for a break in the seemingly never-ending stream of traffic coming out of town (see photograph).

On several occasions, I have seen cars cut across the oncoming traffic so as not to end up stranded in the middle of the junction when the lights change.

Only when the lights turn red is there any opportunity to make the right turn. Usually, at this point several queuing cars make a dash for it before the traffic from left and right begins to move.

As to the lights themselves: once on the junction, none are visible to the motorist. This makes it impossible to judge when it is safe to proceed.

I can only assume that a simple feeder light system was rejected on the grounds that it would slow the flow of traffic crossing the bridge.

However, having witnessed several near-collisions I believe that changes must be made before the current traffic management system results in a serious accident.

Many of the motorists turning onto Waterside do so in order to visit the hospital or Riverside Surgery. It would be a sad irony if one of them were to be involved in an accident, especially as the hospital no longer has an A&E department.

Paul Taylor