A CASH incentive will help finance the installation of more defibrillators across the Cotswolds.

Each Cotswold District Councillor has been given £2,000 to assist local fund raising for defibrillators across the region.

So far, over 20 new devices have been installed through the initiative.

Cabinet member for housing, health and leisure, Cllr Stephen Hirst, said: "There is good evidence to show that defibrillators can save lives and we want to ensure that many people in the Cotswolds – especially those who are elderly, vulnerable or fitness enthusiasts – have easy access to the equipment.

“Helping fund an increase in the number of defibrillators in every ward should complement the work of the ambulance service by providing reassurance that life-saving equipment is relatively easy to hand in the event of a medical emergency.

"Access to a nearby defibrillator will allow more people to receive a life-saving shock as quickly as possible, giving them the best chance of survival ahead of the ambulance arriving.”

For further information, visit www.cmis.cotswold.gov.uk/cmis5/Councillors.aspx or call 01285 623405