A British Legion standard presented to the Ettington branch 75 years ago was dedicated at a church service.

The Journal of 1936 reported: “Before the ceremony, a parade was held in a nearby field, and this was attended by contingents from various local branches of the British Legion, and also individuals from others further afield.

“A general invitation had been extended to branches by the energetic Ettington secretary, Mr E Petty, and there was a goodly muster on the parade ground, and also a large assembly on the roads.

“The Cherington Band was in attendance and not only for the music, but also on its smart appearance, did much to add to the pleasure of the afternoon.

“Mr S H Cuffling, chairman of the Ettington branch, was in charge of the parade, and after the standard bearers had taken posts, each contingent was inspected in turn by Sir Frederick Freake, and truly a better choice of inspecting officer would be difficult to imagine, for after each member in charge of a contingent had been introduced to him, and greeted with a warm handshake, passing along the lines, his eye saw every medal, and the congratulatory words to the wearers and warm smile for all, made everyone realise how welcome they were, and how highly appreciated their presence was that day.

“The vicar, who is also a Legion member, dedicated the banner at the front of the chancel steps, to enable all to see and hear, afterwards placing it on the altar, where it showed through the whole church, as did the banners placed on either side of the altar.”