THE Journal carried the following report of a football match that took place 100 years ago between Pershore Rovers and Childswickham.

“Played at Pershore, the Rovers won the toss and had a slight breeze in their favour.

“They quickly assumed the aggressive, and had hard lines in not scoring.

“The wings of the forward line of the home team were very prominent. Receiving the ball from a goal kick, the visitors had a splendid run down the field and the home custodian, Taylor, did very well to clear.

“Midfield play followed, showing good work on the part of both sets of halves.

“From a forward pass up the touch line, E Huckfield made a capital individual effort, and from his centre C Twigg gave Pershore the lead.

“The visitors showed determination after this reverse, but the home defence held good.

“Just before the interval Need increased Pershore’s score by heading through.

“From half-time both goals were visited in turn, and towards the end C Twigg put Pershore further ahead with a capital shot.

Result Pershore 3 Childswickham 0.