A CAMPAIGN group fighting for improved safety measures on one of the Cotswolds’ busiest main roads has held a packed meeting.

North Cotswolds Rural Area Against Speeding Harm (NoCRASH) was set up to highlight the dangers of the A436 between Andoversford and Bourton, where a Blockley woman was killed in a crash in July.

About 50 residents and members of the group met officers from Gloucestershire County Council’s highways department and Gloucestershire police to discuss what can be done to improve safety on the road, where speeds of 130mph have been recorded.

Cotswold district councillor Paul Hodgkinson, who led the meeting at Andoversford’s church centre, said he was “very heartened” by the response to the campaign.

He said: “It has definitely struck a chord. One resident described how a mum and three children were amazed to see a white van mount the kerb near to where they were standing to avoid a speeding car coming the other way.”

He said police officers had carried out a speed check on the road the day after the meeting and said he was delighted police and GCC were working with the group to deal with their concerns.

He said: “There are a number of simple things which could be done, such as painting a single white line in the middle of the road to stop overtaking, cleaning the signs or cutting back the vegetation so people can see better.

These are such small, lowcost things but they would make such a difference.”

Jaclyn Parks, aged 36, died on the stretch of road on July 21, days after the safety campaign was launched when her car hit a tree.

Resident Peter Hellyar told the Journal he had recorded cars travelling at 139mph and that speeding had been a problem for at least 20 years.

Anyone who would like to get involved with the group can call Paul Hodgkinson on 01285 651122 or e-mail paul.