WHEN Alex Gregory swept over the finish line in the Olympics to claim a gold medal, celebrations broke out across Evesham.

The former Evesham Rowing Club member, whose parents live in Wormington, near Evesham, rose to fame with his triumph in the coxless fours during the London games over the summer.

Yet despite the 28-year-old’s glittering performance, when the gold paint came out to decorate a postbox to honour him, it was Cheltenham that got the honour, not Evesham.

Alex was born in Cheltenham but went to school in Evesham and trained alongside fellow Olympic medallist Zac Purchase at Evesham Rowing Club.

Jane Sullivan, head coach at Evesham Rowing Club, which has seen a huge increase in new rowers due to Team GB’s success at the Olympics, said: “We’re quite surprised Evesham wasn’t recognised with the gold postbox as it is the town where Alex Gregory learnt his rowing with us.

“We thought Evesham would get one as that’s where he started rowing and went to school. We were wondering if Royal Mail would give him two postboxes.

“There hasn’t been a welcome home for Alex Gregory and Zac Purchase. It might be that the town council haven’t thought about it. It would be nice to get the ball rolling. I think it would be lovely for Evesham. It would recognise it as a rowing town.”

Nick Martins, spokesman for Royal Mail, said they currently had no plans for any more gold postboxes to honour athletes.

“For the Olympics, we looked at the details provided by the Olympic Association – where the athletes were born, where they work and where they train – and we made a selection which was the most suitable one,” he said.

Earlier this month Mr Gregory returned to Wormington to celebrate his success with villagers, who threw a party. Gaenor Crofts, who helped to organise the event, said: “He wanted to thank us for the support and show the village his medal. We are really proud of him, he is such a sweet fellow.”