A BLOCKLEY Primary School pupil has come top of the class with his drawing of a famous motorbike and sidecar.

Ten-year-old Theo Aspey won first prize for his drawing of the vehicle seen in the Harry Potter films in a competition organised by Blockley Horticultural Society and Blockley Heritage Society.

Theo said he decided to submit the drawing after his mother Hannah found he could enter the horticultural society’s summer show category for people aged eight and over.

“I’m good at drawing and a huge Harry Potter fan,” he said.

He also enjoyed sitting in Harry Potter’s sidecar at the Blockley Heritage Society’s exhibition that was held on the same day.

The sidecar’s maker Watsonian Squire, based at the nearby Northwick Business Centre, supplied the sidecar for Harry Potter fans to see along with a video showing how the filmmakers achieved many of the special effects. It may be early days for Theo to be thinking about his future career, but he said he would interested in applying his artistic talent in film set design – or he may even try his hand at being an inventor.