VISITORS have been flocking to the Cotswold Farm Park during the summer holidays.

Kate Henderson, the farm park manager, said the new, much larger touch barn – where people can pet and hold some of the many animals on the site and which was opened for visitors in March – was proving a draw, alongside its established attractions.

“The reason we provide such a great day out, come rain or shine, is there’s something for people to do,” she said.

“We’ve got goats, chickens, lambs and our two giant rabbits – Bob and Peaches.

“We’ve got 55 different breeds of animal, ranging from cattle to sheep.”

The farm park, established 41 years ago, has gone from strength to strength as home to many rare breeds and last year had 80,000 people through its gates.

The farm is part of the 650-hectare Bemborough Farm in the Cotswold Hills, farmed by Adam Henson and business partner Duncan Andrews.

The farm park, near Guiting Power, is open daily from 10.30am to 5pm.