AFTER 30 years at a top hotel it is safe to say there are not many jobs the manager hasn’t tackled.

And to celebrate three decades at the Dormy House Hotel, near Broadway, David Field went back to his roots as a kitchen porter.

He first joined the team as an 18- year-old porter in 1982 and six years later he became banqueting manager before being named deputy manager in 1992. But in 2001 he took the final step up the ladder and became the general manager of the four star hotel.

Since then he has taken on a variety of tasks with one of the latest and most out of the ordinary being when he was asked to step in to marry a couple in May.

Mr Field stepped into the shoes of a missing registrar just 10 minutes before the big moment and helped the happy couple say their vows before serving them celebratory champagne.

At the time he said: “After 30 years here I didn’t think there were many surprises still in store but every wedding is unique and this one will stick in my mind.”

Last week to celebrate his three decades at the hotel Mr Field started his shift at 7am by scrubbing scrambled eggs off pots and pans and making tea for the chefs during breakfast service.

He said: “I really enjoyed my time back in the kitchen.

“It brought back a lot of memories. Working at the Dormy still feels as exciting now as it ever has done.

“Over the years we’ve had everything, from being snowed in for three days with 40 guests to the missing celebrant at the wedding and when things like that happen at a moment’s notice it’s impossible for the job to become stale.

“I’ve loved every minute of it and hope to enjoy many more years.”