MORRIS dancers from all over the country came together in the Vale to celebrate the joys of the traditional pastime.

Fifteen brightly-coloured and energetic groups took part in the event, including local troupes Bell D’Vain and Pebworth Morris Men, along with the West Yorkshire- based Rhubarb Tarts.

People danced in villages across the area on Saturday June 16 and took part in a procession on Sunday through Evesham, ending up in Market Place for more performances.

Organiser Judy Watkins said: “They’ve all been in such good humour. I think people enjoy it as it brings people from all the country together. We’ve got the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England which is really important. They are the future of Morris dancing and folk – without them it would just die.”

The top prize of the weekend – the Evesham Stick – was presented to the National Youth Folklore Troupe, which performed in aid of the Mayor’s Charities at Evesham Rowing Club on Saturday evening.