Seven Cotswolds rivers, all tributaries of the Thames, were stocked with young salmon by the Thames Water Authority, 32 years ago.

They are the Dikler 3,000 fish, the Eye 1,900, the Windrush 4,000, the Sherbourne Brook 900, the Leach 2,000, the Coln 2,000 and the Churn 5,000.

In all 50,000 parr were entered into 17 tributaries throughout the Thames catchment, where they will remain until next spring when, as silver coloured smolt, they emigrate down the Thames to the Atlantic. Survivors are expected to return to the river in two, three for four years’ times as adult breeding salmon. (Picture from our 1979 files).

l Mr Geoffrey Edwards, chairman of the Thames Water Authority, introducing young salmon into a tributary of the Thames. Page6_037