HER identity may be a closely-guarded secret among a select few, but the antics of the Chipping Norton Yarn Bomber certainly brings smiles to the faces of townspeople.

The Yarn Bomber, who for the past three years has been “bombing” the town with knitted objects and characters, including bees, ladybirds, Christmas puds, and even lately, World Cup flags, has created a storm of interest in Chippy.

Residents who do not find knitted or crocheted bees on their door knockers in the morning are even aggrieved that they have missed out.

“A lot of people expect them and I get some people saying what do I have to do to get included?” said the phantom knitter, who admits to being a 62-year-old retired teacher.

The craze for “yarn bombing”, started about five years ago and has spread around the world.

There is a large group of “yarn bombers” active in London.

“I’m in contact with people all around the world. It’s really very popular in Amerca and there is a lot in Australia, where they like to “bomb” statues, putting scarves on them and the like,” said the Chippy “bomber”.

“The London group have done amazing stuff. They are very creative,” she added.

“I do it to amuse people. From the reaction I’m getting it seems to be working. It’s about putting a smile on people’s faces,” she said.

Since she started yarn bombing, the Chippy phantom, has celebrated a number of special events and days with “bombing” raids, which she does at the crack of dawn.

She marked “Stir-up Sunday” last November by leaving knitted mini Christmas puddings round the town, St David’s Day on March 1 was marked with knitted daffodils and St Patrick’s Day on March 17 with knitted shamrocks.

Her next venture will be marking Chipping Norton Lido’s 40th anniversary this month with some special water-coloured knitting.