CLOTHING from around the world will be analysed by the designer of an exhibition.

Corynna Jeudwine the textile designer of the summer Embroidered Bodies exhibition at Broadway Museum and Art Gallery will hold a talk there at 7pm next Thursday (June 20).

The exhibition features clothing from the Ashmolean Museum’s rich collection and includes pieces from Egypt, the Greek Islands, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia, Pakistan, India and China.

Items on display include an eighteenth-century Englishman’s waistcoat, a Chinese robe called an Ao and a Japanese coat from the opening years of the twentieth century.

The museum will be open from 6.30pm and the talk will begin at 7pm.

To attend the talk, costing £10 including a drink, email or call 01386 859047.

The museum is located at Tudor House, 65 High Street, Broadway.