ART history lovers will see an iconic painting return to Sudeley Castle and Gardens.

The renowned Allegory of the Tudor Succession will go on display in the newly-renovated South Hall next month.

The Elizabethan painting, by Flemish artist, Lucas de Heere, depicts Henry VIII, his three children and Queen Mary’s husband, Phillip of Spain, and was commissioned in 1572.

It celebrates the harmony established by Queen Elizabeth.

Sian Jocelyn, visitor services manager at Sudeley Castle, said: “We are delighted the Allegory of the Tudor Succession is making its long awaited return back to the castle this month.

“It is an important piece of Sudeley history, with all of the Tudor monarchs depicted in the painting having a direct link to the castle.

“We are extremely grateful to the team at the National Museum of Wales for the huge amount of time and effort they have spent in making this possible, and we hope our visitors will enjoy this amazing piece of Tudor history on their next visit."

The artwork was purchased by former Sudeley Castle owner, John Coucher Dent, at the sale of the collection of Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill in 1842, but has been in the National Museum of Wales since 1991.

The National Museum of Wales removed the painting for vital restoration work, and it remained in the museum’s possession whilst repairs were made to its former surroundings at Sudeley.

The hope is that the painting will remain at Sudeley for the foreseeable future, having spent most of the last two centuries at the castle.