A MOTHER has called for people to 'show some respect' after her son's grave was one of several vandalised at a cemetery.

Trinkets and other items were pulled up at her son's grave, with a cup containing a photo left broken and discarded at St Lawrence Church in Mickleton, near Chipping Campden.

The mother, who did not wish to be named, added that it was not the first time that the grave had been vandalised.

She said: "I wish people would show some respect, you would have thought that everybody would have respect for graves as they mean a lot to people.

"It just isn't very nice and it is really upsetting to see, I found out by walking over to the grave as I visit on most days.

"It is not the first time something has happened to it, a couple of years ago something was taken from it."

Other graves were also vandalised with rubbish thrown over one grave, and a personal item was taken and dumped in the bin.

Pots were pushed over on several other graves whilst litter, including ice cream and sweet wrappers was left strewn across the site on Church Lane.

It is thought the damage was caused between 5pm and 7pm last Tuesday, April 11.

Lynden Stowe, Cotswold District councillor for Campden and Vale, and leader of the council said: "The question that the culprits should ask themselves is how they would feel if the graves they were vandalising were the graves of their own family members.

"These actions are to be deplored.

"Let's hope that the culprits are found as soon as possible and that there are no other incidents of this nature in the village or the surrounding areas."

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote incident 476 of April 11.