A POPULAR visitor attraction is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.

Bourton Model Village was officially opened in May 1937 on the Coronation Day of King George VI.

The only English Heritage Grade 11 Listed attraction of its kind, the model is a one-ninth scale replica of the centre of historic Bourton.

Children visiting the model village during its 80th celebrations are being given gold crowns to wear and a commemorative book mark as well as free entry vouchers.

Julian Atherton, co owner of the village with his wife Vicki Atherton, said: "It’s incredible to believe the model is 80 years old and still as big an attraction as ever.

"Keeping it looking good is a real challenge, but worth it to hear all the wonderful feedback from visitors.

"We are not doing anything on a specific date as we are treating the anniversary as a whole year celebration, therefore we are giving out 80th birthday crowns, bookmarks and free entrance vouchers."

When shops change hands in the real village, they change the names in the model village too.

Thousands of tourists visit every year to feel like giants in a traditional Cotswold village, which even includes a model of the model of the village.

The owners, who live next door at the Old New Inn, work tirelessly to keep the tiny gardens, buildings, roads and pathways looking good.

They repair Cotswold stone walls and roofs with the help of local craftsmen using traditional materials, creating miniature landscapes and adding touches like tiny deckchairs in gardens.

The model of Bourton-on-the Water’s St. Lawrence's Church was recently renovated, with the stonemason finding a 1937 penny set into its roof.

The Model Village is open every day except Christmas Day.