A FORMER air force member has hailed an 'exciting transformation' of a former RAF base, by her own son.

Cecilia Collier found out about the redevelopment in Upper Rissington at an RAF base after speaking to her son Rich Devine, a 3D visualiser at Bovis Homes who told her about his latest development.

She then told her son that she had been at the same air base 50 years previously in the Women's Royal Air Force, before being given the chance to have a tour around the old building.

She said: "This was the RAF’s Central Flying School and there were planes taking off and landing here every day, it was a busy base.

"I was in my element and loved it here. It’s fascinating to see it now. Some of the buildings have gone, but the control tower, the guard room and many others are still here and are being saved and converted into new housing by Bovis Homes.

"It’s good to know the RAF’s heritage is being maintained and the road names and local facilities reflect RAF life back in those days.

"It’s already turning into a lovely development and I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity to go down memory lane and see this exciting transformation."

Mr Devine added: "It was just a chance conversation. I mentioned I was working on visuals for a new development at the old RAF base at Little Rissington and my mum’s ears pricked up. It then all came pouring out.

"I had no idea she was stationed there and it turns out she actually used many of the old RAF buildings we are now redeveloping."

The development will be completed in the summer, and will see 28 refurbished homes in Upper Rissington, that are a mixture of apartments and houses.