BIKES are now available to hire as a way of reducing congestion and pollution and increasing tourism.

Bainton Bikes now have bikes for hire in Moreton, with a launch event in the town taking place later this month.

The scheme removes the need for docking stations as after registering online, you can book a bicycle, unlock it, ride it and lock it again all from your mobile phone.

Howard Papworth, marketing manager of Bainton Bikes said: "As we all wrestle with the challenge of the volume of traffic in our towns and countryside, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of attracting more people to the Cotswolds without the attendant traffic volume and pollution.

"We are working hard to encourage more visitors to hire bikes from the town centre, their hotel, the rail station or other location in order to be able to explore the town and area more fully, and in the process support the local attractions, pubs and cafes that they encounter on their travels."

In Moreton, the bikes are currently located at the railway station where there are currently six bikes available for people to hire.

The event will be launched on Friday March 31 at 5.30pm at the Market Square which features a presentation as well as an opportunity to try the bikes and to discuss them with staff.

There will be a reception in Redesdale Hall from 6.15pm, with the innovation set to be celebrated during English Tourism Week.